Sunday, 25 May 2014

Painting Studies

Photo Studies: Guilin

Photo Studies: Grassland

Photo Studies: Grassland

From Imagination: 1. Gate 2. Floating Park 3. Self Assembly 4. Lighthouse Arrest

Photo Studies: Mountains (took all day)

Photo Studies: Mountains (about 2-3h)

 From Imagination, Rough Paintings

Studies: Mental Rotation

Humans of Toronto

The Round Venue is a pub in Kensington Market that hosts life sketching events. These are fairly organized life sketching w/ costume, announcer, and even DJ that mixes music appropriate to the costume's theme. The events attract a fairly large following of local artists that want to improve their skills or draw together over a beer.



Humans in the subway.

 Humans, and a warlock, in the subway.

Scene Studies of 2014

 St. Lawrence Market

 Allen Gardens

 Allen Gardens

UT Swing Dance

Bedford Academy (Pub)

Bedford Academy (Toronto Urban Sketchers)

 UT Swing Dance

 Frozen River in Toronto Island

Bicerin Coffee

 Bicerin Coffee

 Moon Bean Cafe

 McCaul Street

 Roy Thompson Hall

 Javelin Technologies

Javelin Technologies

 Alex Pangman + Her Alleycats, @ UT Swing Dance

 Sheraton Hotel

 York and Adelaide

 Hilton Hotel

 DT Bistro (It has many other names...)

 Brookfield Place

 High Park

 Sketchy Parking Lot

 Oxford Fruit @ Kensington Market

University and Elm ("Hospital District")